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Micke & KajsaKarin Thorvaldsson

Our photo exhibition is over…

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är DSK4859-1024x683.jpg

We hear singing in the distance when we arrive at our tent site. Soon we are surrounded by young men from the Njapto clane. They have orange-red make-up in their faces and white circles and dots in patterns and blue lips. In the hair they have large plumes that shine in the sun and glittery, colorful clothes. They take us by the hand and greet us. Even though they are in the middle of their important festival, they take the time to greet us, so that we feel welcome. Then we follow them towards the center of the festival. This is where the song comes from. It is strong and rhythmic, so that everyone knows it’s time. The young men have formed a circle and are dancing. Here we will be able to stay as guests with the Wodaabe people for a whole week.

Our photo exhibition “Where men dance and women choose” is now over but please watch the film to see how nice it was displayed at the Botanic garden.